She wore her scars like armor

She wore her scars like armor,
The ice metal that coiled her tender, pink skin
She let them do what they do
Hurting on the outside and all the way through
Time is not a balm
Or a great peace or calm,
Numbness is when the pain stops,
But then there are times when you feel your tears drop.

Your heart begins to hurt, and then you wish you could sleep
Hoping that when you wake up that this all was just a dream
But the nightmare lives on
And it doesn’t go away,
It is when you feel again that you recall that pain

Pain never really fades
Because pain has a name
Depression, Heartbreak, Loss
What more can you ask of God?
Neither do dreams
Ever seem to sleep
They creep and they crawl
They walk and they talk
Sometimes they growl or let out a howl

Whenever you see them
hear them
feel them,
let them do their work,
and when you are ready
let them heal.


Ode to Lima

Lima, beautiful city lining the green shores of the Costa Verde,
Peru is wild jungles, snowy mountains and beach coasts,
Lands that stretch from the Machu Picchu to the Amazons
But from all of those, I prefer you the most.

Your classic Peruvian waltzes echo throughout the radio,
Delicious aromas of aji* and spices disperse out to your streets,
People rush out from their houses to catch impatient buses,
The marching of palace soldiers sing along to the drum’s beat.
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That is Life, Asi es la vida

My grandma would always warn me about bad men
Telling me that there is no way I could completely trust them
And she was never surprised,
If a man was only a monster disguised,
Because that is life.
Asi es la vida.

Asi es la vida when a man treats his woman like shit
It was her fault, now she has to endure it
Stupid, stupid, stupid,
How could she know?
That the man she loved would try to crush her though
Because that is life.
Asi es la vida.

When the husband comes home drunk,
He has his little wife to clean his vomit up,
She already has one unborn plus 5 kids,
All who still have no idea what family is,
Because that is life.
Asi es la vida.
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Song that Inspired My Poem “The Enchantment of the Flamenco”

This song comes from the movie soundtrack of Blancanieves, a Spanish silent film that recreates the story of Snow White with its own twist. If you ever get the chance to see it, I highly recommend it. It stays mostly true to the story, however, the movie is no fairytale. Snow White’s life is not sugarcoated and the realities of life are not avoided, which I find to be very refreshing. In the film, Snow White is known as Carmen and she grows up in Spain during the 1920s. She is the daughter of Antonio Villalta, an infamous bullfighter, and Carmen de Triana, a flamenco dancer. As a little girl, she is taught flamenco and the song “No Te Puedo Encontrar”(the title means “I can’t find you”) is what she dances to. I hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think!

The Enchantment of the Flamenco

In the region of Andalusia,
A Spanish girl dances the flamenco,
With no strung guitar to aid her,
Her steps surpass the tempo’s allegro.

Her heeled shoes shake the earth beneath her,
Her dance can be heard up to Heaven,
And while she does so she sings,
Attracting the beating of angels’ wings.

She takes out her castañuelas*,
And its chattering brings out neighbors and friends,
They clap along to the beat of her small feet
Her song rises and reaches the world’s ends.
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First Snowfall

In the darkness of a long night,
The winter disturbed my slumber,
And refused to let me rest my heavy head
against my warm, fur blankets and comfy pillows.

Now fully awake, I walked barefoot on the wooden floor
Feeling the cold bleach my skin
camouflaging me within the walls
and eating away the tips of my toes

I peered between the shades of my window,
Outside the snow began to fall,
It came down like soft cotton balls
Covering everything and all that was left of living earth
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Falling in Emerald

And she fell into the emerald sea
Disappearing into the bottomless pits
Becoming part of the darkness
Part of the pain and the cold that breaks souls

She let the waters impale the warmth of her skin
Succumbing her body to the numbness.
She stopped trying to breath and just observed
How every wave was never the same
How very few boats passed her way
How nobody in the world seemed to care
That she was drowning
Drowning in black.

Death Comes In a Car

He would pick me up in the middle of the night,
And we would ride away in his black car
Till we were completely gone from sight.
Driving to a place without the brightness of a single star

We didn’t have any place in mind,
We just needed a drive,
Away from home and away from the same old
We just wanted some time alone.

There was nobody back in town who missed us,
No tears in anybody’s eyes,
No one really cared where we have gone,
For we were on the trip to the Land of the Forgotten.