She wore her scars like armor

She wore her scars like armor,
The ice metal that coiled her tender, pink skin
She let them do what they do
Hurting on the outside and all the way through
Time is not a balm
Or a great peace or calm,
Numbness is when the pain stops,
But then there are times when you feel your tears drop.

Your heart begins to hurt, and then you wish you could sleep
Hoping that when you wake up that this all was just a dream
But the nightmare lives on
And it doesn’t go away,
It is when you feel again that you recall that pain

Pain never really fades
Because pain has a name
Depression, Heartbreak, Loss
What more can you ask of God?
Neither do dreams
Ever seem to sleep
They creep and they crawl
They walk and they talk
Sometimes they growl or let out a howl

Whenever you see them
hear them
feel them,
let them do their work,
and when you are ready
let them heal.


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