Ode to Lima

Lima, beautiful city lining the green shores of the Costa Verde,
Peru is wild jungles, snowy mountains and beach coasts,
Lands that stretch from the Machu Picchu to the Amazons
But from all of those, I prefer you the most.

Your classic Peruvian waltzes echo throughout the radio,
Delicious aromas of aji* and spices disperse out to your streets,
People rush out from their houses to catch impatient buses,
The marching of palace soldiers sing along to the drum’s beat.

I love you when you have sunny and cloudy days,
Back in America I tend to think of you always,
I miss walking in your central plazas,
And going to San Isidro for Spanish classes.

Lima, you have stolen my heart,
Back in New York, my soul is torn apart,
You are my perfect dream,
The place I always want to be,
Stay my beautiful city,
One day, I will return to thee.

*aji (ah-hee): chili


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