That is Life, Asi es la vida

My grandma would always warn me about bad men
Telling me that there is no way I could completely trust them
And she was never surprised,
If a man was only a monster disguised,
Because that is life.
Asi es la vida.

Asi es la vida when a man treats his woman like shit
It was her fault, now she has to endure it
Stupid, stupid, stupid,
How could she know?
That the man she loved would try to crush her though
Because that is life.
Asi es la vida.

When the husband comes home drunk,
He has his little wife to clean his vomit up,
She already has one unborn plus 5 kids,
All who still have no idea what family is,
Because that is life.
Asi es la vida.

I, you, them, we
Why can’t people just be happy?
Asi es la vida,
Asi es la vida,
I’m not satisfied with “asi es la vida”.

Is it life to be abused?
To marry a man you didn’t choose?
To never achieve a goal or dream?
Because for a girl, there’s only things to clean?

No, not me
Don’t try to tell what I can or cannot be
If I want I’ll be doctor,
Or maybe a boxer,
To fight you back when you try to box me in
Tie you up when you try to hunt me for my skin
Because I’m more than just a sex tool
I’m the queen and you’re the fool.

So no more “Asi es la vida”s
No more “that’s just how life is”
Because in the game of life,
It is I who’s gonna win.


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