First Snowfall

In the darkness of a long night,
The winter disturbed my slumber,
And refused to let me rest my heavy head
against my warm, fur blankets and comfy pillows.

Now fully awake, I walked barefoot on the wooden floor
Feeling the cold bleach my skin
camouflaging me within the walls
and eating away the tips of my toes

I peered between the shades of my window,
Outside the snow began to fall,
It came down like soft cotton balls
Covering everything and all that was left of living earth

Winter has no mercy on the grass or the flowers
All nature is stripped naked
If it wears anything at all, it wears sheets of ice
Scarring the skies with the color gray
Marking the ground white

This was the first snowfall
And it came like a hungry monster,
Showering and dominating the earth,
Moonlit fearlessness, bold and beautiful.


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