Have you ever tasted moonwater?
You can find it running in the rivers of Loon.
The highest tides are in the middle of June.
So if I were you,
I would go there around noon
And make sure to bring along a golden spoon!
(It supposedly tastes bad if it’s a silver spoon!)

I believe it is best served as a silky, silver drink with a dash of condensed moonshine.
And every now and then, sometimes I add little specks of cinnamon pine.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly how it tastes ’cause it varies from person to person.
Some people taste cherries,
Others lime,
And some say it tastes like a glittery slime.

I heard rumors that every drop has a different flavor,
Another that it smells like a warm sheet of paper,
But what I taste varies every day,
Sometimes I taste the fluffy clouds of a somber milk gray
And other times a red wine made from a rose bouquet

So whether you want to try it or not,
I’ll leave that up to you,
But if you really choose to,
We can go on my canoe
And we can drink it all night
Until the rise of the morning light.


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