Conquered Demons

What did I even see in you?
A cure? the necessary pain? It all seems like nonsense now.
you pushed me far.
you pulled me ’til my wings broke,
making my blood drain like waterfalls
spilling it over the dry sands of what was left of my heart.
you shoved me in closets. Deafened the sound of my screams.
Put out the light and made me live in hell

you made pain feel good.
And made everyone I love seem hateful.
Made me believe death was my panacea.
And you dared to tell me to go die.

you turned my laughter to tears,
And my tears to a nervous cackle.
It was because of you that I lived chained to a rock,
It was because of you that darkness felt comfortable
In the end, you tore me like paper till you killed me

But today, I tasted Light.
And slowly does it melt on greedy lips
Enveloping your tongue with the soft milk of honeybees
Warming you with the rays of the sun
And calming you with colors of the sky
And once you taste it, you just crave it.
And once you taste, one bite doesn’t suffice
I’m sick of listening to your stupidity
I’m tired of letting you chain me to the earth.

So give me back my wings!
I don’t need you to hold them for me anymore!
take your hands off the lock, I hold the key now
There’s no need for me to scream anymore.
If anything, you’ll be the one screaming for me now.
I don’t need you to decide how I’ll live or how I’ll think
I hold Heaven within me. I don’t want your hell.

Don’t ever come back.
you will end up losing to me.
I have strong, mighty wings.
you have no power over me.


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